Introduction: Distressed / Antiqued Paint Finish

I'm going to show you how I turned a simple wooden clock into a unique and antiqued piece of home decor. This distressed look can be applied to just about anything that you can paint. If you can paint it, you can distress it!

You'll need:

-Two colors of paint. (A base coat color will be showing through the top coat)
-A clear coat or finish
-Something to distress

Step 1: Prepare Your Item

In this case, we have a wooden table clock.

First, remove all components that you don't intend to paint (hardware and the like). Then give it a light sanding

Step 2: Panit It Thrice

Give it a coat of the base color. It helps if the base color is darker than the top coat. I'm using black in this case. Once it is dry, give it a second coat of the base color. Let it dry completely.

After everything is dry, give it a single coat of the top color, and let it dry.

I used spray paint for this project, but regular paint and a brush will work fine as well.

Step 3: Distress It

using your sandpaper, or sanding block, lightly sand the surface of your piece. Be sure to sand the edges well. When you've obtained the desired look of distress, cover it with a coat of clear finish. I used Rust-Oleum CLEAR Matte ultra cover.

Step 4: Express It

Now that your all finished, find the perfect spot in your house to display your newly antiqued, vintage looking piece!

This is a simple and easy project that can be done on just about anything, so give it a try!

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