Introduction: Diy Back to School Supplies

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School has started again! I have decided to decorate some of my supplies to make it more unique! So here are some Do It Yourself projects for your school year! Enjoy!

Step 1: Diy Tape Pencils

This is probably the easiest one. All you need is some decorative tape and a pencil.


1. start by placing the end of your tape slanted 0n your pencil. (Picture: 3)
2. start to wrap your pencil in the tape. (Picture 4)
3. when you get to the end wrap your tape around the end and cut off. (Pictures 5 &6)
4. If you want to ensure that the tape doesn't unravel sharpen your pencil.!


Step 2: Decorated Notebook

I found a boring black notebook and decided to make it my own.

WHAT YOU NEED: Notebook, tape, stickers, embellishments, etc.

1. Get notebook
2. Decorate the notebook.
3. Enjoy.

Maybe this is the easiest....

Step 3: Make Your Own Stickers


Images (Drawn or printed)
Sticker maker or sticker sheets

1. get your image and place it on your machine or sticker sheet.
2. read instructions (sorry I can't help with this one I know there are many machines out there and many different ways to make stickers)
3. Make more