Introduction: Diy Car Trunk Cover

I have a big dog (Great Dane) and I love to have clean car:) Mission (im)possible:)!

Because I didn’t find anything similar for acceptable price I decided to made it by my self! Like usual:))

This is made from truck - trailer tarps / cover, strong material, very easy to put in/out of trunk and clean with wet cloth. The smell was horrible first week.

What did I need;

  • truck trailer tarps / cover
  • press stud
  • hammer
  • scissors
  • cotton cloth
  • iron
  • pen
  • ruler
  • screws
  • velcro tape

Step 1:

Measured trunk of my car and made paper model.

Step 2:

With cotton cloth and iron I made “sharp” fold. On this piece comes press studs.

Step 3:

On pictures you can see where I put press studs.
When I put cover in trunk I made some details cuts to perfect fit.

Step 4:

With velcro tape stitch cover on rear sits.

Step 5:

Piece that comes over bumper I fold up and protect rear door by inside. When is that piece over bumper I protect bumper from dogs claws. (Kill two birds with one stone :-P)

Step 6: UPDATE

After usage I saw, the velcro tape was not good idea.
I made sides of chipboards. I protect all edges with white/transparent wood glue. Maybe will chipboard stay a little bit longer.

Pieces of real wood in left and right corner are very important. I made first ride without these pieces and everything goes everywhere :/

And with these sides I receive more space:)
You can see fire extinguisher on left side. Above I put first aid box. On right side I have stuff for my dog.

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