Introduction: Diy Enameling Trivet

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So I've bought a kiln...

I couldn't find a shop where I could buy a couple of cheap trivets in my country, but it didn't seem hard to make them myself and I always wanted to try welding.

So here we go.

Step 1: You Will Need


  • thin sheet steel
  • paper


  • scissors
  • steel cutter
  • some way to bend steel
  • welder
  • steel clamps
  • ruler
  • square
  • pencil

Step 2: Design the Trivet

The easiest design seems to be 3 triangles welded together.

To test out the design, I first cut them from a piece of paper. This way I tested both the size and the design.

I ended up making the trivets 5 cm (2 inch) high.

Step 3: Cut the Squares

  • Measure squares of 5 x 5 cm on the steel.
  • Cut the squares with any type of metal shear.

Step 4: Make the Triangles

  • Cut the squares from corner to corner in half to make triangles.
  • Bend one of the sharp corners from each triangle 60 degrees.
  • 3 triangles put together wil form the trivet.

Step 5: Welding

  • Clamp the 3 triangles together.
  • (spot)weld the triangles together.

Make sure that the middle is a little bit raised, so the trivet wil stand on it's 3 corners.

Step 6: Finished

  • Put your workpiece on the trivet and put it in the kiln.
  • The first time the trivet will probably scale.

To make 5 trivets took me less than 5,- euro and not even one hour from idea till finished trivets.