Introduction: Diy Giant Paper Daisy Room Decor

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Hi friend. I made a beautiful paper Daisy room decor.


craft paper (white and yellow)


glue (hot glue or school glue)

Step 1: Fold the Paper

Yo uneed a white craft paper (photo no:1)

Fold the paper into 3 parts.

Fold one end of the paper backward (photo no:2) and Fold the other end to the front (photo no:3)

It will look like this (photo no:4)

Step 2: Fold the Paper

Fold the paper in half.

Step 3: Cut the Paper

To make the petals of the daisy, cut the paper into a half oval. Pay attention to correct cutting. This shape will be the petals of the daisy.

Step 4: Petals of the Daisy

3 petals can be cut from 1 piece of craft paper. So you need 3 craft paper for 1 Daisy flower.

Step 5: Middle of the Flower

Cut 1 circle and small confettis from yellow craft paper. Apply glue on the circle and pour the confetti on top. Wait for a while to dry. You can use any glue.

Step 6: Glue the Petals.

The side where you stick the confetti will be the front of the yellow circle. After the yellow circle has dried, stick the white petals of the daisy to the back of the circle. Wait for it to dry. You can use any glue. But you can do it faster with the glue gun.

Step 7: And Done.

The wonderful Daisy you made in a short time is ready. It will look beautiful in the bedroom, living room, study room. You can even use it as a decor for parties.

Step 8: My Video for All Steps

My video:

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