Introduction: Diy LED Lights Panel for 5$ - Cheap and Easy 6 X 10W

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This is my simple LED panel. I used 6 LEDs, each with a power of 10W,

3 LEDs are warm and cold 3 LEDs.

The entire project, you can also see here: 60W LED lights panel for 5$

Step 1: Components

  • LM2596
  • Baking Pan
  • 6 x LED 10W

Step 2: Drilling Holes in the Form of Dough

To make it easier to drilling I prepared pattern in a graphics program.

Step 3: Drilling Holes in LEDs

Because I have 3 mm screws and in LEDs are 2.5 mm holes then I need to drill to 3mm

Step 4: Mount LEDs to the Cake Mold

Step 5: Soldering Wires and LM2596

Step 6: 60W LED Panel Ready for Use

To test the use 14.4V battery which power the LED panel