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About two years ago I was obsessed with McGyver. I watched the entire series. When I saw this contest I knew I had to try my best to McGyver something. I saw some of the other entries and realized that unlike many of them, I wanted mine to be short and yet pass on my idea to as many others as possible. As far as I know, a pump like this has never been made. If you know otherwise, I would love to hear about it.

Step 1: Tools/Materials

Water Catcher
Seal/Pump Head
PVCMilk JugBike TubeWood
Drip LineShirtTapeRock
ABSPlastic BagLeatherThread Spool
Foam from Shoe

This table shows some possible materials. I used the top line. One material that isn't covered is tape. I used gorilla tape. I have a hard time coming up with a replacement material.


  • Multi Tool:
    • Sawing
    • Cutting

    • Smoothing Surfaces

  • Rock, for smoothing surface

Step 2: Prep Pipe

My multi tool has a file tool on it. I used it to plane the end of the pipe to the flat surface it is now. You could also use something like cement and then a smooth rock.

Step 3: Wood

Find a branch that is the same diameter as the pipe. I got lucky and mine was really really close. One end can be janky, but the other has to be A.F.A.P. (as flat as possible). Once again, you could use a file, a rock, cement, or anything of the sort.

Step 4: The Seal

Cut a piece of the tire tube. Then pull it taut around the wood and tape it in place. The inside of the tube should now be on the outside of the wood, as it is the smoother side.

Attach the newly made contraption the flat end of the pipe. Use something that will keep it on the end of the pipe, but can flex to create a gap. This is essential. Gorilla tape worked better than I could have hoped for. I imagine Duck Tape would work just as well.

Step 5: Test

At this point, test the pump function. Place your hand just below the pump head and the other end in water. You need about 1.5' of water to pump easily. Start by lowering the pipe into the water, and then raising it out. Repeat this motion, going faster as you go.

Step 6: Catching the Water

  • Cut a hole in the bottom of the milk jug. It needs to be larger than the rubber end-cap.
  • About 3.5 inches from the rubber end-cap, make a layer of tape. The tape acts as a seal around the lid of the bottle.
  • Slide the bottle up to the tape.
  • Add more tape...
  • and a little more.

Step 7: Handle (optional)

  • Cut some wood
  • Tape it to the pvc pipe in a way that it can move up and down

Step 8: The End

Thanks for reading! If you liked this project, vote for me; if not, then that really sucks. And you probably shouldn't vote for me.

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