Introduction: Diy Soldering Station

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I came up with this idea because the soldering stand my iron came with wasnt very sturdy and i have seen cool soldering stations for sale but I thought why not just make one, so I did.
I hope you enjoy

Step 1: What You Need

- A decent sized piece of scrap metal
- A sponge
- Dremmle or rotary tool

- A mini fan- I got this out of a computer power supply
- soldering iron w/ solder
- Hot glue gun
- A battery clip
- An on/off switch

Step 2: Bending and Cutting the Metal

You are going to want to take your piece of scrap metal and bend it to about a 50-60 degrees and cut a circular groove into the edge of the scrap metal

Step 3: Connecting and Soldering the Electronics

Connect the positive terminal of the battery clip to the negative terminal of the fan, then connect the positive terminal of the fan to the negative terminal of the on/off switch, and connect the positive terminal of the switch to the the negative lead or the battery. Now you can make it permanent by soldering all the pieces together

The schematic might give you a visual and help you better understand the circuit

Step 4: Gluing It All Together

Now you can hot glue all the components onto the piece of metal as shown in the picture 
With the sponge  you can cut ti down to size so it fits
to make a place for your switch you can use your rotary tool to cut a hole in the metal

The reason I put the fan on this project is to extract the fumes of the solder

Step 5: Finishing Up

Now you can clean up the edges by sanding them down and you can whip away all the excess glue and your finnished

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