Introduction: Dog Flea-Free Lavender Soap

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This lavender soap uses lavender oil

Since I didn't have any oils i used this instructable for lavender oil

Step 1: Materials

Lavender oil (visit the instructable in the intro)

Vegetable soap (I used oatmeal soap to soothe the flea bites)

Vinegar (which kills fleas)



Soap molds (I used plastic yogurt cups and caps)


Step 2: Making the Soap

Grate the soap into a jar
Add a tablespoon of oil and vinegar
Add a few drops of water and microwave for 30 seconds
Watch the soap carefully to not let it rise
Mix the soap until soft and silky
Pour into mold and let dry over night
If the soap starts getting lumpy in the mold
Melt it again

To use:
Wash the dog with water
Start rubbing the soap into the dogs fur
Rub the entire body with the soap
Wait 5 minutes and rice the soap out

Step 3: Results

I recently ran out of tea tree soap for my dogs so I decided to try a new recipe for fleas
I hope you enjoy the new recipe!
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