Introduction: Dog Proofing a Gate Electric Motor.

I came home from a day of work only to discover my gate motor refused to work. Upon closer inspection I saw significant damage due to claw and teeth marks!
I love my doggies but this time they went too far. That motor cost me 7500tt and I can't afford to have it become a snack to my dogs again. I needed protection!

Step 1: Create a Wire Frame Around the Motor Housing.

Using aluminum wire, wire stick on squares, evostik (an unsung hero) I created a wire mesh around my motor housing.

I used evostik to ensure the stick on squares don't come loose in hot sun and rain.

The aluminum wire is threaded through the squares. The look isn't great but it's the function I care about.

Step 2: Install the High Voltage Transformer.

I needed a High voltage to energize the wire mesh.

The transformer used is from a fence charger. It's designed to provide less than 2 milliamps. It's non lethal but gives a nasty jolt. I made a ground connection to one side of the high voltage winding to provide a path to ground. This is necessary since the doggies feet are on the nearby concrete.

The high voltage lead was a bit short so I extended it and provided insulation using clear tubing.

Step 3: Completion Step.

The cover reinstalled and the high voltage wire tied to the wire mesh.

Powering Up the gate motor shows a strong electric field using my voltage detector.

Now my Gate motor is safe from my Highly destructive doggies. Take a bite now!