Introduction: Dollar Bill Origami Cube

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For this little piece, we need 6 bills to work with.

I got the idea for this after seeing this same thing done with paper. It was just a simple matter of making a dollar into a square so we could fold it in the same manner as the paper cube.

This is a cool way to give someone money, or just to keep all of your money in cube form.

Step 1: Creating a Square

First thing is first, gather your bills. In this step we need to make our rectangular bill into a square bill.

Step 2: Make the Modular Piece

In this step we turn our square into the modular piece. Each of which form one side of the cube.

Step 3: Make 5 More

Simple enough. To make a cube we need six (total) sides of the modular piece.

Step 4: Putting It Together!

Now we need to put all six pieces together!

The first pictures is of the bottom of one of the modular pieces. You can see how it has the slit going diagonally across it? That is where the triangles from other pieces attach.

I find the best way to approach putting this all together is to start with the bottom. Attach two sides. Attach two more sides. Then attach the top.

Step 5: Possibilities and Final Notes

Well, there you have it! You should now have a cube of money. There is some space left in the cube, so you can cram more money into it, or whatever fits really...

I updated the pictures, and some text on 12-21-10.

I appreciate comments and feedback. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy your cubes!