Dollhouse From Boxes and Cardboard




Introduction: Dollhouse From Boxes and Cardboard

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Here is a cute dollhouse made out of recycled boxes and cardboard.  It is ideal for barbies or other small dolls.


-Two boxes of equal size.  (The height when turned sideways needs to accommodate the height of the doll)
-blue tape
-utility knife and or X-acto knife
-chip brush (cheap paint brush for spreading glue)
-water (to thin glue when needed)
-cutting board
-scrapbook papers, tissue paper, stickers, paint, etc.  (for decorating)

Step 1: Put the Boxes Together

The first step is to put the two boxes together.  Simply lay one of the boxes on the side of the other box and glue together.  I used the blue tape to hold the boxes together while they dried.

The boxes I used had handle holes, so I added some cardboard to the sides and the inside.  This covered the holes as well as added strength.

I also added a thick piece of cardboard between the two boxes and on the top for strength.

Step 2: Make the Stairs

To make the stairs cut out two step sides, and stair tops to fit over each step.  Make small tabs out of thin cardboard to glue the steps to the sides underneath.  You can make these any size you like.  I chose to do two flights of stairs with a little storage area.  I wanted it to be in two pieces so that it could be stored inside the unit when not in use.

Step 3:

Finish your stair system.  This one is two levels.  It can be used as a stage too.

Step 4: Paint the Dollhouse

First remove any blue tape that you may have used to hold it while drying.  If you do it slowly it should not strip the cardboard.  If it does, don't worry the paint and paper can cover it up.

Now paint your dollhouse and stairs.  I used a spray paint because I don't think it warps the cardboard as much.

Let dry.

Step 5: Decorate the House

Now add your own special touches.  My daughter liked pink so that is what I did.  But you could go with a natural theme or whatever.  Stickers can be fun here.

Just glue on the paper with a chip brush and some water thinned glue.  Don't over do the glue or you will get some warping.

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    2 years ago

    i'm doing a school stem fair projet and need help fast so ho did you get it work like that i wanted to do it so bad that my techer tould me to do some resch


    Reply 2 years ago

    Sorry, I just now got the notification for this. I am not sure what part you did not understand. But if you read the description and look at photos, you should be able to figure it out. Good luck on your project 🙂


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I love your house! It reminds me of houses I use to make when I was a kid in Germany. We use to get our milk in these heavy cardboard boxes at the local PX and they would let us have them. They had hand holes on the sides so I use to use those as windows. I'd stack two or three on top of each other and out fit them with things I could find around the house. I always wanted a real house but when you are military you can't take a lot of big things with you so the cardboard houses always worked for me. I love your stairs!

    I'm new here but I'm coming back to show pictures of my BARBIE houses.
    You won't be disappointed. They're worth the wait!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks so much! I can't wait to see your houses.