Introduction: Dollhouse

This was an all-night project that I did with my wife – a Christmas gift
for our daughters. The first dollhouse we made was from cardboard and as it was already pretty worn-out, we made the new one from plywood 6mm (cca 23/100 " :-) ).

Step 1: Planning, Cutting

The first step is always the planning. We used Sketchup and made the design of this new 2018
model on the base of our experiences from the 2017 cardboard dollhouse. The next step was the drawing of cutting plans for our carpenter.

Step 2: Joining

First, all edges joints were glued together by water-based dispersion adhesive. After the glue dried, I drilled holes for mini dowel joints - check the drawing.

Step 3: Electrifying/lighting

The lighting was created with LED strips (12V),
DC power supply, switches, 2wire-cables - all available at our local electronic components shop. The most important part was the soldering iron. LED strips were glued into slots (depth 3mm in 6mm plywood, width of the LED strip). I used "snap-off blade" utility knife for cutting and carving, but it is better to use the wood compact router. The wiring was attached on backside of house and at the end covered with HDF board.

Step 4: Colo(u)r Concept

Pantone Color of the year 2019 - Living coral

Used paint - water-based polyurethan

Step 5: Furniture Moving

The last step was the moving of all the dollhouse furniture from the old
cardboard house into the new plywood house.

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