Introduction: Dolphin Cake

My mom had a birthday and I wanted to bake her a cake.Her favorite animal is the dolphin so I made this off of a picture I found online.

You will need:
Cake mix, whichever you prefer
A baking pan
310 grams Rice Krispies treats
2 cans white cream cheese frosting
Blue food coloring
Blue tube frosting
An oven
A large platter
Whatever it says on the cake box

Adjust the cake to whatever size you need

Step 1: Bake Cake

Bake the cake out of the box according to the instructions in the baking pan.

Step 2: Shape Dolphin

Open your Rice Krispies and place them on the platter, then shape them into a dolphin. Remember, dolphins are not tube shaped, they get thinner as they get closer to the tail. Start with the body, including the nose. Add the tail. Squeeze out a tail and the fins. Any extra Rice Krispies you have can be eaten*

* if you want to experiment, you can make the extra Rice Krispies into pillars so your dolphin can jump.

Step 3: Remove Cake

Bop the cake onto the platter. If it comes out in multiple pieces, it's fine and will add a tossing sea effect.

Step 4: Attach Dolphin

Set your dolphin on the position you would like on top of the cake

Step 5: Mix Frosting

Open the white frosting and empty half of one into a bowl. Add 1-2 drops of blue food coloring. Take what's left and add 5-7 drops. Mix the food coloring in. The lighter blue is your dolphin, the darker is your sea.

Step 6: Frost

First, add a layer of the darker blue. Then add a scattered white all around. Don't worry too much about getting a bit on your dolphin, you can ice over it.Cover the dolphin in the light blue. Then use the tube icing to add eyes and a mouth(and a blowhole).

Step 7: Enjoy!

Now add internal organs, muscles, fat, and a brain, and you have a living dolphin. Hope you had fun!