Introduction: Don't Know How to Draw? No Problem. Here's an Easy Way

About: I am Edvin Hiltner. I am a lottery combinatorialist. I use combinatorics and probability theory to explain a better way to play, so players only spend money when it matters.

I have a lottery website where I teach players how to understand the lottery from a mathematical perspective. And I know that adding some visual presentation will add value to my content for sure.

But I am not a very good artist. :(

Then I found an article about how to draw even if you are not an artist. I find it interesting so I tried one myself.

They say practice makes perfect. So I made a couple of drawings and guess what. I did it. And I find it so easy and quick too.

This simple technique is the one I use for my lottery blog. You can do the same thing on your blog too.

Let me show how I do it.

You need:

  1. GIMP - This is a free image editor. If you have a photoshop, you can use it too.
  2. Some spare time to practice

For this particular tutorial, I will show you how to draw a monster on a boat fishing in the middle of the sea.

So if you are ready, let's go.

Step 1: Setup Your Background

The setup can be as simple as one color.

Step 2: Add the Sea

The sea doesn't need to be straight. It can be rugged to make it similar to the surface of the sea.

Step 3: Add the Boat

The boat doesn't have to be perfect. Just use a basic shape to make an impression of a boat.

Step 4: Add the Body of the Monster

Now, here's the fun part. Using human figures is difficult, so that we will avoid it. Drawing a monster is much easier.

Step 5: Add the Hat

Let's put a hat on our cool monster.

Step 6: Add the Eyes

Two simple white circles are perfect.

Step 7: Add the Eyeballs

And two cute little black circle is fine.

Step 8: Put Some Eyebrows

Those little eyebrows will make your monster more expressive.

Step 9: Make the Monster Smile

And of course, let's not forget to add some mood.

Step 10: Put an Ear

Step 11: Add a Nose

Step 12: Add the Stick or the Fishing Rod

Step 13: Draw the Arms

Step 14: Add the Sun

And that's it.

Everything is simple. As you can see, I put the basic shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle) together to form a figure. The shapes are not perfect. They don't have to. You can make some slight modifications to the size and shapes when necessary.

It's not the drawing that you will bring to a painting competition. But it's a drawing you can use to add value to your blog content, projects, or presentations.

Step 15: Apply the Technique

Practice this technique and apply it to spice up your blog. I use this technique in my article: How to Win the Lottery According to Math.

Check out what I did for one of my articles on Lotterycodex: Using Birth Dates For Lotto Combination? Here’s What Math Says

I hope you like it. Now, it's time you make your own.