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Introduction: Don't Lose Your Ballpoint Pen

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This is for us unfortunate souls who are visually impaired & must wear glasses, but you are welcome to read it anyway.

Before I came up with this idea, I couldn't keep from losing my ballpoint pen clipped into my shirt pocket. I do a lot of projecting out in my shop, in my garden and on my 15 acres taking care of my pecan trees and mowing the whole 15 acres. I used to lose my pen very often, but since I made this glass case five years ago, I have never lost one.

I just made an ordinary glass case, but sewed the extra sleeve on for the pen.

The case for my glasses and pen is made from cowhide from "Tandy's" Leather Goods. I sewed it with an old Singer domestic sewing machine. Go slow and help the machine along by turning the wheel by hand if the leather is very thick or you will break the needle,

Step 1: Pattern

This pattern is for instructing only; not the actual size.

Make a paper pattern, by first cutting and fitting "B" and "C" pieces to fit your glasses. Staple the edges along dotted lines. Make sure it is not too tight.

Put your glasses inside that paper pattern, then use the stapler to attach the right side of "A" to "B".

Put your pen inside "A", and mark the side of "A" onto "B", again making sure it is not too tight.

Remove all staples and use it as pattern to cut the leather.

You may not want it, but the 2nd photo shows a 1/4" x 1" piece of leather about 1.5" from the bottom on the back of "C" to keep case from sliding out of my shirt pocket as easily. Okay, my photo is not that good, but you get the idea. It helps tremendously.

Sew "A" onto "B" aligning right sides of both and your previous marking on the left side. Leave both ends of "A" open.

Sew "B" onto "C" along dotted lines, completing project.

Now, aren't you proud of yourself. You should never lose your pen again unless you lose your glasses. :-)

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    5 years ago

    awesome. Thanks for your service as a first responder.