Introduction: Don't Touch This Solution

This is an easy solution to use if you do not want to open doors with your bare hands. All you have to do is pull out a tissue use it to open a door, grab an item, etc. and then just though it away, along with any gems/viruses that would have gotten on your hands. (I am going into 9th grade)


-about 5 tissues

-plastic apple container



Step 1: Apple Container

For the apple container, all you have to do is cut out half of a sphere.

Step 2: Cardstock

Trace the sphere on a piece of cardstock and cut it out.

Step 3: Cardstock

Cut out a circle at least 1 inch in diameter. (At most 1.5 inches in diameter)

Step 4: Tissue

Fold the tissue in half. Then, Place the tissue so they match the first image. They should end up looking like the second image. (Repeat the first and second part 3-5 times or until you used up all the tissues) Lastly, accordion folds the strip so it looks like the last image. (Make sure that the folded tissue can fit in the dome.)

Step 5: Top Part

Push the top part of the tissue through the hole in the cardstock.

Step 6: Final Step

Tape the top part to the dome. Make sure the tissue is fully in the dome before taping.

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