Introduction: Door Opener for Infants

Maria Montessori's motto was: help me to do it myself. A small and yet very effective hack is to tie a rope to a door handle. In this way, even small children can open doors. This gives the children a feeling of independence and opens the world of the adults a little bit further to conquer it. When children unintentionally lock themselves in rooms, it is easier for them to get out.


- In about a meter of cord

- If necessary, depending on the skill of the children living in the household, a wooden ball.

- Knife or scissors

- Lighter or soldering iron

Step 1: Shorten the Rope, Tie It to Doorhandle

Measure the length of the rope (so that the child cannot hang himself), shorten it accordingly with a knife and melt the cut edge with a lighter. Then tie it to the turn-knob.

Done 😉

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