Introduction: Dope Walking Stick!!

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make an awesome walking stick out of bamboo. It's comfortable and very lightweight, and made with materials you probably have at home. I hope you enjoy making and using these simple changes to a bamboo stick! Please like and comment, and vote if it's in a contest! Without further ado, let's get going!

Step 1: Materials

For this project you'll need:

a bamboo stick

a bottle cap (wider than the bamboo)

duct tape or electrical tape (can be coloured!)

super glue or hot glue

sandpaper (I used 100 grit)


utility knife or Xacto-knife

chair leg pads (the ones that reduce noise of chairs)

Step 2: The Bottom

Cut and sand one end of the stick until you get to the little line etched in even increments along the stick. Sand it clean. You should find that there is a blocking out of wood right at the line. Use glue to attach a chair pad to it, then use 2 pieces of tape to pin it onto the stick. Wrap some tape around the stick where the two pinning strips meet the stick itself so they don't slip off.

Step 3: The Top

To make the top, glue a chair pad to the top of the bottle cap and then use scissors to make a smaller pad. Glue this on top of the bigger one. Now, using the same technique as for the bottom, use two strips of tape and then wrap some around the two strips. Remember to attach this to the other side of the pole, not the one you just did!

Step 4: Done!

Well, that's it for this simple, fast, and easy Instructable! I hope that it wa suseful and that you'll make this cool-looking walking stick. Enjoy and have tons of fun!


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