Introduction: Make a LEGO Mars Rover!

In this project, you'll learn how to make a LEGO Mars rover with pieces almost any person with LEGO should have. Just remember that color is is not important, and even though I use grey and red, you could use any. some pieces of the rover can be substituted. I created this thing on Lego Digital Designer 4.3, and if you want it for yourself, download it here for free: .Furthermore, leave a like if you liked it, and if this ends up in a contest please vote! Thanks.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

For this project you will need:

-2x6 base plate

-6 small tyres

-6 small wheel rims

-1 1x1 antenna

-3 2x2 wheel bearings

-1x1 barrel

-4m standard rod

-2x2 steer

-2 1x1 buttons

-a pair of binoculars

-round 2x2 plate

-1x1 gauge tile

-1x2 brick

-2x2 corner plate

-cross axle bushing

-2m cross axle

-cross axle catch w/ cross hole

-connector peg/cross axle

-narrow rim 018/7

-1x1 brick w/ knob

Step 2: Making the Base

Just follow these steps to make the base and most important component of the rover.

Step 3: Making the Camera

Be careful! If you are unexperienced with LEGO Technic, this could be hard! The bushing has 4 dimples on one end, and that's where the knobs of the 2x6 base plate go.

Step 4: Adding the Wheels

Just grab a bearing, but on the wheel rims and tyres, stick them to the bottom of the 2x6, and repeat two more times.

Step 5: Done!

Well, good job if you got to this step, because you're done! go ahead and add it to your LEGO City space sets, or drive it around your house, blasting aliens! Have fun!`