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In this commercial era, what says Superbowl more than Doritos??

You can have this crunchy cheesy recipe done in 30 min! Move over Rachel Ray! haha

For this recipe, I have taken the simple idea of your everyday homemade cheese sticks and taken it to another level. Instead of traditional mozzarella cheese inside, I have replaced it with Pepper-jack cheese for the same creaminess with a slight kick. And the real twist? I have taken out bread crumbs and used Doritos crumbs instead!

When combined together in your mouth, you basically get the sensation of crispy Doritos and creamy cheese with a kick. I guarantee it will be the first item grabbed at your Superbowl party, and will be gone in 10 min or less depending on how many hungry fans are there. ;)

Pair the Doritostix with your favorite salsa. I found it to combine with the flavors incredibly. I chose Tostino's Mild Salsa.

 ALSO NOTE: This is also a good way to use the left over crumbs in the Doritos bag nobody eats!!! 

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

OK football fans, you'll need.....

 ● 1/2 Doritos bag. OR your left over Doritos bag packed in the back of your pantry. You will need a little over a cup.

●  1 pack of peperjack cheese sticks12oz

● 2/3 cup of All Purpose Flour

● 1/3 cup of Cornstarch

●1/4 cup of water

● 1 Quart of Frying Oil

● 2 eggs (beaten) You naughty eggs!

Step 2: Choose Half the Bag to Go to Their Doom!

Keep putting handfuls of Doritos into the food processor until  you get about a little over a cup when crumbled. 

The idea here is to get them as POWDERY AS POSSIBLE. The food processor can only do so much. When you take them out keep beating the tar out of them until you get them to a breadcrumb consistency. You can crumble them further by using a spoon and pressing down on them. OR you can use a Mortar and pestle. I do not have one so I had to use a spoon. I found it de-stressing! Or if you have any left over Doritos crumbs in your pantry that nobody wants, i'm telling you, it's perfect to use. 

Remember, this will be the coating for cheese sticks... add whatever kicks or flavors you want! If you want a more Nacho cheese flavor, there's powder you can buy at your everyday grocery store, look for them in the popcorn isle.. Or if you want more kick, feel free to add red pepper flakes. For this round, I kept it simple with just using Doritos. 

Step 3: Combine Your Ingredients

1)  combine the flour and cornstarch in a medium bowl and stir

2)  combine the 2 beaten eggs and the water in another medium bowl and stir

3) pour the oil in your deep fryer. NOTE: you do not need a deep fryer. You may use a large frying pan if you don't have one. HEAT to 365 degrees F (185 degrees C).

Wait until the oil starts to pop when you trickle a little flour in it. That means it's goood and ready!

Step 4: FRY TIME

Open the cheese sticks and cut them into halves. They fry better and hold the Doritos crumbs better. 

Then, give them a bath!

1) completely cover them in the cornstarch and flour
2) then dive them into the beaten naughty eggs,
3) then completely cover them generously in the Doritos crumbs.

Now for a rhyme. THIS NEXT PART IS KEY. REPEAT STEPS  1-3 
In other words, double batter them before you fry! :-)

Doritos crumbs are very coarse even when crumbled. Double battering will help hold them on. Also, if you have time, put them in the fridge for an hour to help hold the Doritos crumbs on. I did not do this because it's not necessarily needed and basing on Superbowl time, I'm sure time will be limited. Plus, I want to focus this recipe on deliciousness in 30 min!

4) Now, ever so gently, place your double battered Doritostix into the fryer one at a time. 
They will be done in 15-30 seconds so don't go away! They like company! 

Step 5: Crunch and Cheesy!

So, 15-30 seconds later, keep repeating the process and placing each Doritostix in the fryer ONE AT A TIME. If they turned a dark brown that means you over fried. But the good thing is there'll always be the next one. They will be cool enough to eat in 5 minutes.

Garnish with Doritos and Pair with Hot or Mild salsa. Deliciousss~

Cheesy, crunchy, spicy party in my mouth in 30 min! I'm ready for the Superbowl!
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