Introduction: Double Crochet Scarf

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Today we are going to crochet a scarf for yourself or for someone you love dearly. We will use a double stitch pattern like in the green scarf above. It is very simple and very easy, so let’s start!

The materials and tools you will need are as follows:


  • Yarn


  • J Crochet Hook
  • Scissors

Step 1: Making the Slip Knot

  1. Wrap the end of the string around two finger once creating an X on the back of your fingers.
  2. Reach under the X to pull the top string under to have a loop, but do not pull the end of the yarn all the way through.
  3. Hold the two separate strands of yarn, and pull the loop until the yarn tightens leaving two tails: one that is connected to the skein and one that is not connected to the skein.
  4. Grab your J crochet hook and put it through the slip knot

* The size of your hook can be found on the flat part of the hook.

Step 2: Making the Chain

  1. Pull the tail connected to the skein until the slip knot is closed around the needle.
  2. Weave the string under your thumb, over your pointer finger, under your middle finger, and over your pinky finger.
  3. Hold the slip knot between your thumb and middle finger.
  4. Hold the hook in your fist.
  5. Grab the yarn with the hook and pull it through the slip knot. You have successfully created on stitch!
  6. Do that 29 ore times until you have a chain of 30 stitches, or however wide you would like you scarf to be. Do not worry about how tight or how loose the stitches are.

Step 3: Row 1 to 150

  1. Once you have your chain of 30, chain two more.
  2. Turn the chain around, and put your hook through the top strand of stitch 30.
  3. Grab the yarn and pull it through so that you have two loops on your hook.
  4. Grab the yarn with your hook again, and pull the yarn through both loops so that you have one loop remaining on the hook. That is one stitch!
  5. Do the same thing all the way through, until you have 30 stitches.

* Make sure to count all of your stitches as you do them so that you don't lose or gain a stitch

6. Chain two at the end of the row and turn it around to do row two. Continue this for 150 rows or until your scarf is at the desired length.

Step 4: Completing the Scarf

  1. Cut the tail of the yarn connected to the skein, once your scarf is at the desired length. Make it near the same length as the tail at the bottom of the scarf where you began.
  2. Grab the now loose end, and pull it through the loop on the hook.
  3. Pull the loose end all the way through the loop on the hook, and pull it tight to knot it.
  4. Weave the tail through the stitches of your last row to hide it.
  5. Weave the tail on the bottom through the chain.

Step 5: Ta-Da!

Your scarf is complete! Now you can go outside, and be warm!