Introduction: Double-Sided USB Flash Drive

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No more plugging your USB the wrong way! But you might plug it in the wrong side like a cassette tape. Yes, I have been using this lifehack for years but finally today I have the courage to record it.

It is fairly simple, you just get two pcs of credit-card sized USB Flash Drive or you might already have them! Sand the back of both drives, and join them together to create a double-sided USB drive.

You might want to use a USB otg / USB hub to test the new drive thickness before putting it into daily use. You can use the male plug of a mouse or keyboard to do the same though.

So what do you think? You should see the look on my friends' faces when they see me flip the USB Drive while driving. Told them we're done listening to classical now we're listening to pop. Just like the old custom cassette tape.


2x Credit-card size USB Flash Drive
1x small qty Double Tape
1x Scissors
Access to Female USB port (from OTG, Hub, etc)
Access to Male USB port (from mouse, keyboard etc)
1x small qty 200grit sandpaper
1x small qty 1000grit sandpaper (optional)
2.5cm / 1inch of 12mm shrinktube (optional)
Access to any fluid lighter

Step 1: Extract the USB Drive

First, flip open the USB Drive.
1.) Twist one side of the card
2.) Pull to remove the USB Drive

3.) Use your finger to twist the usb frame
4.) Continue twisting only the frame until the USB Drive pops out

Now you have the bare USB Drive. Next we're off to sanding!

Step 2: Sand Both USB Drive to Achieve Desired Thickness

You can use a double-sided tape to stick BOTH USB Drives on the floor to make sanding easier.

1.) Remove the original adhesive residue
2.) Sand with 200grit sandpaper
3.) After about 1min of sanding, check the thickness using male or female USB port

4.) If not thin enough, continue sanding

5.) Once it is of desirable thickness (not too thick to insert, nor too thin to wobble)

6.) Sand with 1000grit sandpaper

7.) Clean the drives using damp cloth / damp tissue

Step 3: FINAL STEP: Align and Stick Em Together!

Now you will need a superglue

1.) Just give a drop of superglue on each USB Drive. (Use a good superglue, otherwise add 2 drops)
2.) Align the USB together. Ensure position is correct

Optional but recommended: Use an inch of 12mm shrinktube

3.) Cut the shrinktube to size
4.) Use flame lighter to shrink the shrinktube to fit the new USB drive
5.) Use scissors to trim the edges

And now you're DONE!

Enjoy your double-sided USB Drive. If you're using this in your car you will have a nostalgia of using Cassette tape with Side A and Side B. After all these 20 years!