Introduction: Kids Playhouse From DHL Wooden Crate

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How to turn wooden crates from DHL into playhouse for kids!

I always wanted to build a playhouse for my 20 month old nephew. But difficulty and budget always hinder me. Not today! I finished this project by using my household equipments and I just had to spend max $20 for bolts, nuts, screws and some continuous hinges.

Let's get started!

First off, you need to make sure your wood supplies is enough. Measure your wood length and width for each wall and then start to make a plan. I used LibreOffice Draw which has neat "Dimension Line". From there you can make any 2D shapes and see if your desired design fits.

Next you have to think of how to connect all your plywood together. I relied on just slotted angle and continuous hinge.

Once you get the picture of how to assemble your playhouse, let's get to cutting!


- Angle Grinder with cutting and sanding discs

- Jigsaw for cutting plywood

- Drill - Screwdrivers

- Plenty of screws

- Bolt and Nut

- Continuous (Piano) Hinges

- Slotted Angle (Steel)

- Insulation weatherstrip foam tape (for aesthetics only)

- Duct tape (for concealing screws and sharp points)

Step 1: Let's Get to Cutting!

This is pretty straight-forward. Cut all the woods according to your design plan. In my crate, I had to cut the metal frame first. Also I had to cut some slotted angle for the roof.

Use angle grinder with cutting disc to cut metals.

Use jigsaw to cut the plywood.

Step 2: Install Slotted Angle for Roofing

Use a marker to mark the holes for drilling. I used 8mm drill bit to make the holes.

Then use Tee type nut (for wood) and hammer it all into place. I then used 6mm (M6) bolt to secure the plywood onto the slotted angle.

This is important as the roof has to be able to support its own weight and does not rest on the walls.

Step 3: Screw It! Install Roof and Floor

Now install the roof using continuous hinge. Don't forget to screw the floor in too!

You may need one or two person to help you with this.

The good part about continuous hinge is that it is still a hinge. So you can tilt the wood first prior to installing if you have any difficulty.

Step 4: Optional Items and Finish

Now I have to admit my workmanship is not very good. So the doors and the windows, well they are not 100% straight. So i used some insulation foam tape to hide that.

Also since the wood is not coated, I have to install some form of mat on the floor. I used my leftover alumunium foil shield. The upside is that I can wipe it with damp cloth for cleaning.

Don't forget to trim any sharp edges since this is a kid playhouse.

And you may want to vacuum the playhouse first!

Enjoy your new DIY wooden crate playhouse!

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