Introduction: Doug's Snow IceCream or (how to Make Ice Cream From Snow)

This is a strange thing that my grandma and mother have handed down to me.   It always made snow days extra special because in addition to staying home from school,  that wondrous white material could be made in a tasty treat.   To this day I think my love of snow is probably tied in some small way to snow icecream.

The steps are easy and the materials are simple:
1 Can of Milnot (in the cooking section)
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of milk
3 eggs
Tsp Vanilla

2 large containers(one for snow,  one to mix)

Step 1: Mix the First Three

put the 3 eggs,  tsp of vanilla and cup of sugar in your first bowl and whip them up.   Not much,  just enough to get them mixed well.

Step 2: Add the Milnot

Open and add one can of Milnot.  Mix it up.

Step 3: Milk

Add and mix one cup of milk

Step 4: Gather Snow

Here's the fun part.  Grab your big container and go out for some snow.   Find a nice thick snow drift.   You want it to be thick enough to get only snow that hasn't touched the ground. 

Scrape off the top layer and collect a significant amount of snow.

Step 5: Mix Your Snow In

Start adding snow and pushing it into the liquid.  Its probably better described as pushing the liquid into the snow.  mix it up until it looks evenly mixed.  then add more.   In the end, you want the texture to be like heavy snow and less like slush.    You want to preserve the snow like texture which means adding a lot of snow.   Add and mix, add and mix until you like it.

If you run out of snow, just go get more.

Step 6: Finish Up

insure that the texture gets back to being snowlike.  you might even taste it along the way. 
As with all food you prepare,  the real joy is in sharing with others.

Make their snow day special.