Introduction: Download Songs From and Pandora for Free!

This instructable teaches you how to automatically download songs from and Pandora for free!  It uses a free and opensource project called iRadio Capture 2.0 to do so.  Interested?  Let's get started!

Step 1: Upgrade Google Chrome

Part of the API that is used for iRadio Capture is still listed as "under development" by Google.  Thus, for it to work, you must download the dev version.  Even if you already have Chrome installed, you must download this version.  You can get it here

Step 2: Install WinPcap

If you do not already have WinPcap installed, install it now.  This is used to be able to capture the network traffic and save the audio files as they are being transferred to your computer.

Step 3: Install IRadio Capture 2.0

This is the actual program that does the capturing, saving, and tagging of the songs.  Get it here

Step 4: Install IRadio Art Grabber 2.0

This is a Chrome extension that downloads the album art of the songs and provides iRadio Capture with the tag information.  It is the reason you needed to update Chrome.  Get it from here

Step 5: Run and Enjoy!

Now when you visit or there will be a little icon that appears in the address bar that looks like the attached image.  Click it and it should turn brown, indicating it is on.  Now just start up iRadio Capture 2.0 and enjoy!
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