Introduction: Drab to Fab: Upcycled Mirror

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Ever on the look out for things I can get a bargain on and turn into what I truly wanted I come across some pretty ugly things. Sometimes I can see beyond its outer shell into its potential and when that happens I hit jackpot. This mirror was one such ugly thing. Made from a cheap plastic and on the smallish side I almost passed it by when thrift shopping several months ago. I kept coming back to it though, that nagging feeling like I was missing something about it. Finally it struck me…

…I needed to look past its scratched and tacky brown color and the fact it was made of plastic, to its shape. The shape of the frame was quite lovely. It had potential. So I bought it for a couple dollars and, using my stash of spray paints, upcycled this ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

1. Mirror (or anything that needs upcycling!)
2. Painters Tape
3. Spray Paint
4. Foam Board (*or anything you can spray paint onto)

Step 1:

First: Tape off the parts you don’t want spray painted. For this particular mirror I tore off little pieces of tape to make it easier to cover along curves. This way I could get it right up to the edge without leaving any mirror exposed.

Step 2:

Second: Spray paint it! Depending on how thick you want it, or how much coverage you desire, you may need to do several passes. I decided to use that yucky brown to my benefit and dabbed at the paint while it was drying with a paper towel. This allowed small portions of it to show through and gave the mirror a more rustic, aged look.

Step 3:

Lastly: Left dry completely and remove your tape!

Step 4: