Introduction: Draw: Anime Characters

Hey guys, sorry for the wait -- I've been out for a long time, I'm sure some of you have noticed. . . Or not. Anyways, here is my latest Instructable -- and before I get some mad ranters, let me go over everything that is wrong with my drawing:

Yes, that is a Kyoshi Warrior, or at least a reinvented version. My friend drew a picture of one for a story and I chose to redraw it for her (For better or worse) -- and for those hardcore Avatar fans, there are some obvious faults in it. First, the sleeves are different -- these are more kimono-like rather than the classic ones in the television show. Second, some of the proportions are wrong, despite the many backbreaking hours over perfecting my work. Third. . . Well, I could go on for a while. My point is that I don't want any comments raging over her appearance.

Now, my Instructable is NOT perfect, but there is someone out there who is close to that standard. Should you want to dig deeper into the art of anime, Cynthia2901 is an incredible instructor for such things.

Now, without any further ado, here is my 23rd Instructable.

Step 1: The Base

This is more of my personal way of making anime, but I find it as an excellent start for anybody. To begin, draw a line where you would like the middle of your character to be. Draw a triangle on it, being sure that it is perfectly symmetrical along the line. Well, perfect is overkill, but it never hurts. This triangle acts as a measurement for the shoulders -- width and slope. For a view that is not head-on, I would suggest making the triangle 3D to keep your bearings along the drawing, but that gets a touch difficult.

From here, create the shoulders and head -- generally, males will have a larger shoulder width than females. Relaxed, the shoulders are at an angle. The purpose of the triangle is to measure that slope.

Step 2: Build

Now that we got that going, we should outline the rest of the body. It doesn't have to be perfect the first time around, as usual. For now, just define the basic figure of your character and refine the outline to what you see fit. It's also a good idea to draw out some of the bigger and more noticeable features on the character, as well. When you are done refining the outline, it would probably be a good idea to erase the triangle base from the drawing.

Step 3: Do the Details

From here, we fill in some more of the key details in the figure. This is where we differ in styles, for the chances of you needing to draw a Kyoshi warrior exactly as I am is rather slim. I'm not quite sure what other tips to offer you from here. . .

Step 4: Final Touches

This is where we darken the lines of the picture and fill in any more details on the body. Now, we should work on the face of the character. Begin with the eyes -- the only issue with eyes are the diverse amount of them around. In this case, I use almond-shaped bases to start .

Step 5: Finito

Now we fill in those eyes and draw out the rest of the face.The face is an interesting difficulty to come across, as the proportions are worse to make perfect than the body. I spent THREE DAYS trying to do it myself, and finally did THIS. After you complete the face, don't forget to scribble your signature on!

And that should be all, for me. Thanks for reading, and remember. . . When llamas attack, spit back!