Draw Male Face (ANIME)



Introduction: Draw Male Face (ANIME)

Drawing anime is really easy and you can just look at the pics and know how to draw it. (you guys are smart enough to do that) :)

Step 1:

How to draw.

1.Draw the head shape you want and then draw a vertical line and a horizontal line through it

Step 2:

2. Draw the ears and eyes.

You can draw the eyes however you want but I just did it a very simple way

Step 3:

3. Erase all the lines and then draw on a mouth and a nose

Step 4:

4. Draw on some hair and then you are done. :0

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    Tip 6 weeks ago

    Hey, this looks amazing but I have just one tip that would make it easier and more accurate. You should make the lines for the jaw, chin, and when you do the circle to start the head off, you should make a line for that one too! If this makes no sense, I could post one instead.


    Reply 2 years ago

    oh thank you I will post a new one that is much better