Introduction: Drawing a Braid on a Girl

This is a simple drawing of a girl wearing a loose braid. I made this because I struggle with drawing loose braids. I figured I would try to help those that struggle with braids, especially when it comes to drawing them on a person.

Step 1: Supplies You Need

Pencil/Something to write with



Step 2: Drawing the Bottom Half of Head

Draw her chin, jaw and sides of her head. Don't make the chin to small or to large.

Step 3: The Head

Draw the top of the head. Make it a nice rounded shape but not to rounded that it looks like an oval.

Step 4: Neck

Draw the neck. Two lines on either side, about halfway between chin and the top of the jaw line.

Step 5: Shoulder

Draw only the left shoulder (your right). Leave a Blank space on the right side (your left) which will be where the braid goes.

Step 6: Outlining the Hair (not the Braid Quite Yet)

Draw the hair (not the braid yet). Start by making a rough outline (draw very lightly for this part), looking something like the picture. You can choose any hairstyle you want to go with the braid.

Step 7: Outline the Braid

Outline the braid (keep in mind that this is a loose braid and will not look like a tight regular braid). Make sure that the shape of the braid is in an upside down teardrop shape. You pretty much just draw sets of two of these shapes and get smaller as you come to the end of the braid. Then you draw a curved line for the hair tie at the very end.

Step 8: Erasing Parts of the Head.

Erase the lines that make up the head that are inside the hair outline.

Step 9: Add Detail

Start adding some detail. Try adding strands of hair outside the outline you made, to make it look more realistic.

Step 10: Shading

Shade the darkest parts, just under the right (your left when looking at the drawing) cheek before the braid starts. Shade the bottom of the upside-down teardrop shape to add depth to the braid. Add other shading where you think it is needed.

Step 11: Clothing

If you wish, draw a shirt of the girl and add some strokes of pencil to add detail to the shirt.

Step 12: All Done!!

Now sign your artwork!

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