Introduction: Dream Machine

A Machine that helps you reach your Dreams. This project shall explore making computers into Machines to reach your Dreams. It will also create Old School 'Dream Machines', and more modern Lucid Dreaming Machines.

Edited 3/23/2007
The project pages shown are Blast Wiki Pages.
I have since changed over to TiddlyWiki.
I need to update the instructions in this tutorial.

Step 1: Get a Wiki

First you need to find a computer. If you are reading this then step one should be done. Unless this is in a magazine, in which case, go get a computer.
Next get a Wiki. I will add a link to a good list but for now check out Google 'WikiWiki clones'.
I use Blast Wiki which is based on PHP and MySQL.

Edited 3/23/2007
The current Wiki I use is TiddlyWiki.
It is a self contained wiki that allows you to carry it with you very easily. Or you can serve it on a web site. It has been expanded and adapted by many people.
For a free site online check out

Step 2: Structuring Your Wiki

A wiki can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on how you use it.

So set it up so it works with you and not against you.

I have read several books and continue to learn more about how I use things. So I change my mind and wiki often.
Lists of lists helps me to organize things I know I will use and want in the future.

I can easily brainstorm if needed and that can turn into organized pages.

I add images, links, text, movies, music, anything that I need goes into the Wiki. I crosslink it based on KeyWords.

Most people have seperate data kept in several different locations. The Dream Machine helps bring that data together. It then links it in a quicker and easier way for you to understand. Also easier to find it later.

It allows you to remind yourself of things or remember important things.

Edited 3/23/2007
I read the book 'Getting Things Done' this led me to brain dump on paper and onto the computer. This also helped me with some of my structure to the Dream Machine. Day to Day and Life Missions are covered very well by GTD. What I added to this was the wholistic(sp?) concept of the mind the body and the spirit. I am also always working on fleshing out what I call the base Dream Machine. One that has a framework as well as explanation of basic usage. Along with links to getting more to expand your Dream Machine. And lastly a less is more overall concept.
I needed a multimedia notebook and the Dream Machine is what I am creating for reaching this simple goal.

Step 3: Use Your Wiki and Get Use to How It Works

Now you need to use your Wiki.

Put information into it and start to refine the structure you are using.

If you go out a lot into the world a Printer and 4 X 6 notecards can help if you don't want to carry a PDA or can't for some reason.

As you use the wiki you will notice the need to store more than simple text. As you use the Wiki more and more you will start to include pictures, music, videos, links, contacts, and tons of other stuff.

If you find the Wiki to limiting then find other tools to add to your system. A Wiki is not an image editor. If you do start to use other tools make sure that you link information back to your wiki if you can. Try to choose tools that make it easier to link back to the wiki your using.

This way your data will start to come together and expand in ways you could not have done using previous pen and paper.

Added 3/23/2007
TiddlyWiki or the software behind the Dream Machine is a single file. It is highly portable so you can put it on a memory stick and carry it. On a laptop and bring it with you. On your home computer. On your work computer. You can even put it on a server. Being a single file is it's greatest advantage and weakness. There are implementations that allow server side usage by multiple people if that is what you need to reach your Dreams. So the Dream Machine softare or underlying core that the Dream Machine sits on top of is now what I wanted. It meets almost all my needs and with additions and modifications it can be adapted to meet all of them.
The Dream Machine will teach you as you use it and as you become more familiar with it the 'less is more' design will make it seem like a perfect hammer that can put 100000 nails in in 1 second.

Step 4: What Are Your Dreams?

Now you write your Dreams down.
You type them into the dream machine.

Do you want to write or type.
Do you want to take pictures.
Do you want to make a movie.
Do you want to use questions marks.
Anything is possible in your world and wrting it down is the first step.
As time goes on you can expand your ideas.
Publish them or keep them private.

Step 5: Live Your Dreams

The more you learn, live, share, enjoy, the more your Dreams come to life.

You are what you do, so do something. By creating a Dream Machine you can help learn about yourself. What you want to do, and do not want to do. As you expand your Dream Machine by expanding yourself and your world. The people you know, the places you go, the things you do, the inspirations you have, the run on sentances you create, your Dream Machines helps you to live your Dreams.

I will be including more information as this project goes on and expands.

This instruction set will grow and expand and change over time.

As my Dream Machine grows.