Introduction: Dreamcatcher Nail Art

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In this instructable, I will show you how to make cute nail art that looks very beautiful and the picture above is better than mine but... You know.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need: 1) black nail art pen 2) two different nail polishes (I recommend a teal/blue and a pink) 3)bobby pin (this we will use like a dotting tool- if you don't have one) 4) white nail polish 5)top coat and bottom coat of nail polish (optional)

Step 2: Lets Get Started

Lets get started on the art!!!! Okay, so first put on your bottom coat. When that is absolutely dry, then add two coats of teal/blue or any other color.

Step 3: When That Is Done

When that is done, you need to take your nail pen and draw a half circle on your nail

Step 4: And Then...

And then inside the half circle draw something that looks like a little pizza pie.

Step 5: Okay So

Okay so then you connect the pizza pie to the half circle.

Step 6: Alright

Alright take your pen and draw three lines coming down (not all the way)

Step 7: Pink!

Pink! That's the polish you use for this step. Take your bobby pin and break it in half (where the bend is). Then take your pink polish and put the brush on a paper towel or something. Dip the half bobby pin in the polish on the brush and put two dots of pink polish on each of the lines hanging down.

Step 8: White!

White! Take the white polish and do the brush thing you did with the pink polish (you will need to wipe off the bobby pin and dip it in the white. Dot it around the outside of the little pizza pie.

Step 9: Finished!

Finished! Above you'll see a picture of my attempt. Well I hope you enjoyed! Look at my other tutorials of nail art. leave a positive comment above. If you have any questions about ANYTHING,then leave a comment:)

Step 10: Last Thing-

Last thing- to do the feather, paint your nail white and take your black nail pen and draw a line across it. Then draw little frills coming out of the line. NOW, you're finished;)
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