Introduction: Dremel 575 Right Angle Screen Shield

In this instructable, I'll show you how I made a screen shield for the 575 right angle attachement, because, as far as I know, there is nothing else available from Dremel to protect yourself from flying particles :/

Step 1: Mod a Little Tube Clamp

For this step, you need a plastic tube clamp (plumber / electrician type) with internal diameter of 20mm.

Mark one side with a 22~22.5mm circle, put a mark to limit at ~6mm deepness (see pictures), use the sanding drum from Dremel to remove the plastic material (but not too fast or the plastic will melt).

Step 2: Cut and Bend the Screen Shield

For this step, you need some transparent plastic (from a plastic box cover, it's perfect) thick enough to be rigid and to protect yourself from any disk fragments or metal particles which tend to fly directly to your face...

The vice is used to bend the plastic in a perfect line / angle. Something like 30° in my example. I used a hot air gun to heat the plastic. I guess a flame can do the job, but you need to be extra careful !

Step 3: Drill 4 Holes, Add 4 Tiny Screws, and Voilà !

To assemble the screen shield and the clamp, you can either use some tiny screws, or even glue. But imo the first one should be more reliable.

If you find any idea to improve this little project, please tell me in the comments :)