Dremel Maze




Introduction: Dremel Maze

materials and tools used:
dremel etching bit

6"x9"X1/2" wood

220 sand paper

Step 1: The Gang

step 1> get a group of, non institutionalized, creative thinkers

Step 2: Tiffany and Walter

step 1.5> ask tiffany(or any local positive, insightful person) for advice

Step 3: Failed Attempts

step 2>Ignore everyone's advice and try stuff
first we tried to do several mazes freestyle without a template had about 6 failed attempts

Step 4: Ben at Table Saw

Do not have a 9 year old use the table saw (although it is impossible to cut a finger off on this saw because it has a stopsaw).

Step 5: Smoking Bit

btw unable to save image rotated correctly.

smoking is bad for our bit health

Step 6: Get an Idea of Size

Realize that your wing it method is not working and try a more systematized approach.
Printed out various sizes of simple shapes to get an idea of how big the path should be (I'm using buckyball magnets)

Step 7: Mike on Computer

make maze template
made this in corel draw using simple shapes, resizing them to

about 2" horizontally, used 16pt for line thickness

Step 8:

we used a very thin coating of glue to make removal later easy

Step 9: Etch Board

went very slowly and did several light passes, then I sanded the
board using 220 grit sand paper(to remove glue marks and paper remnants) and used a small flat head screw

driver to get good angles and smooth out inconsistencies.

Step 10: Fun Dremel Tools

cool dremel tools, crazy number of attachments, I'm still waiting for the dremel nose trimmer though.

Remember to use your powers for good and not for evil!

(given the present state of perception, evil is good and good is evil)

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    It turned out really lovely looking, and who doesn't have a few failed attempts in their process? Personally I have more than a few. Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I like to say "if its worth doing, its worth doing poorly"

    when I make my first 3 different version as quickly as possible, quality results appear more quickly, cheaply, and easily.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    A router would have been a better choice for this... however... Dremel does make a router base (Lowes) that would significantly help you. It would keep the bit vertical and at a constant depth... which would allow you to better concentrate on following the pattern. You can also find it on Amazon as well.

    I hope that helps,



    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    thanks, that would have been much easier to use.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    All well and good,BUT......If one uses the routerd grove to get to the middle of the puzzle,you seem to have made a mistake,Iv'e tryed every way AND NO WAY can you get to the centre.But saying this, a well made piece.