Introduction: Dress Form and Jewelry Light

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I picked up a metal dress form at Goodwill for really cheap. I thought it looked a bit cheesy, so I wanted to do something to dress it up a bit. I remembered visiting someone who had used her old jewelry for decorating, so I gathered all my junk/broken jewelry, an embellished skull and some lights and put together this great light!

You will notice that most of the pictures show a rope light. After I put everything together, I decided I didn't like the effect that the rope light, so I removed it and replaced it with some white icicle lights.

This project took me about a total of 4 hours to complete. But if I did not replace the lights, it would have taken about 3 hours.

Step 1: Materials

  • Dress form
  • Junk jewelry
  • Skull
  • Lights -- I used Christmas lights, but you can you a rope light or other type that you like
  • Zip ties
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Dremel tool for cutting the skull
  • Gorilla glue

Step 2: Insert Your Light(s)

I started by putting the light in and using zip ties to hold the light in place. In the end, I removed this light and replaced it with the icicle lights. I do not recommend trying to switch out the lights. It was difficult to remove and add lights after I attached the jewelry.

Step 3: Add the Jewelry

I started with the necklaces. Here is where you may need to use the glue. With the metal-work on this dress form, I didn't need to glue all of it, but some of the pieces I glued onto the form. After I got the necklaces placed where I liked them, I began putting all the other pieces on.

Once again, some of them are glued on and some were just attached through the wire frame. I used the jewelry pliers to bend some of the pins of the brooches and the backs of some of the earrings.

Step 4: Add the Skull (or Head)

I used a "sparkle" skull I purchased last year, but you could use any type of skull or even a doll head.

I needed to cut a hole in the bottom of this skull. I had just purchased a Dremel Saw Max so I was anxious to try it out. As you can see from the photo, it was a bit "rough". I would recommend using a regular Dremel Tool. But since this part would be hidden, I didn't need to clean it up too much.

Once you have the hole cut, glue the skull to the top of the form.

Step 5: Accessorize!

Once I finished my beauty, I decided that she needed a hat. Since I had a beaded hat that I purchased for a costume last year, I thought she would look great in it! I will probably continue adding jewelry to her as I find more fun pieces.

I put her in the corner of my living room. Love her!

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