Introduction: Driftwood Jewelry Holder

I'll admit it.  I'm a collector.  Stones, leaves, stories, scars, beer coasters, you name it, I'm collecting it.  
So naturally, on trips home from the ocean or forest, you bet I've got something in my pocket.  Or I'm carrying something on the train, hoping not to accidentally poke anyone along the way, as was the case with my latest creation.  :-) 

This is a really easy project that should take you 1-2 hours once you have all the components assembled.  Don't forget to let your wood dry out completely before working with it!  That can take up to a week or two, depending on how thick and wet it is, and how dry the air is around it.  

What you need: 
one piece of sturdy, dried driftwood
5-8 screw-in brass hooks 
copper wire or fishing line

Take your piece of driftwood, and hold it with two hands, to see where the balance is.  This will help you determine which side will be up.  Then, use a pencil to mark where you want your hooks to be.  Start from the center and work outwards, evenly-spacing your hooks on the bottom side.  Due to the contours in your wood, they may not be all in a straight line- don't worry about that.  It won't be noticeable.

Screw in your hooks, and either tie the ends with fishing line, or use copper wire to make loops so you can hang it.   I've used both, and fishing line looks invisible, which is nice, but copper wire gives it a warm feel.  

You can also wrap the wood with wire, or paint it.  You can decorate it however you like!

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