Introduction: Drill Powered Ice Crusher

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Do you remember a TV show called "Home Improvement" :D?

If not, watch it now!!

Anyway, As Tim Taylor says : "Everything is better with what? = "More Power" :).

As so, I decided to add some juice to my manual and boring ice cube crusher..I wish you could see the look on my girlfriend's face when she saw it :D.

Ok down to business, Here's what i did to make it happen.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Manual ice cube crusher.

2 bowls.

leftover wood.

A drill.



wood screws.


measuring tape.

Step 2: The Axe

Open the crusher and remove the top cover and the axle.

Take the axle apart and remove the handle.

put it back together.

Prep and Glue a washer to it if you notice a play when it turns.

Step 3: The Bowls

drill the 2 bowls so that the ice can go through them.

Step 4: The Box

build the box as in the picture..

make sure to take in account the drill distance from the box to the axle.

Step 5: Putting It Together

glue the ice crusher to the bowl and prepare the drill handle.

Step 6: The Drill Position

Saw the handle and try the drill to fix the correct position of the handle on the box and to make sure it will turn correctly.

Once satisfied, screw it in the box, and glue the top bowl on the ice crusher.Done!