Introduction: Drill Press With Dremel Flexshaft

I always wanted to have small drill press but I’m generally limited with space (my working area is around 0.5 square meters). Dremel workstation has a footprint of around 20x20cm and needs additional space for access. So I always had an idea to use flexshaft that I’ve got with Dremel tool.
Components used:
1. Two pieces of oak parquet (leftovers)
2. Angular couplings (30x30mm) - ~ 4x0.25 USD
3. Drawer slide  (pair for 2.5 USD)
4. Drawer handle (0.1USD)
5. Short strong spring (0.2 USD)
6. Some bolts and nuts (around  1USD total)
7. One IKEA Allen key (key with furniture)
8. Wooden drawer handle (0.1 USD)
9. Butterfly nut for fast access (4pcs ~0.5 USD)

I used die to make a screw on Allen key on both sides and then used M4 stop nut on one end, and double M4 nut to connect it to the handle. Glued drawer handle to the end of handle.

So the total cost was below 6 USD. Here are the results :