Introduction: Drill,dremel,router Etc, Accessorys Holder, Tower Shape

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for this instructable you will need.

a drill

glue gun or wood glue

3 inch & 2 inch hole drill bit

also a brad tip drill bit.

and some wood big enough for the 3 inch diameter hole drill bit which also should be roughly 1 inch in depth.","

and a clamp,

Step 1: Drilling

after drilling your 3 & 2 inch hole.

you will be left with a nicely rounded block of wood, which most of the time gets stuck inside the drill bit.

after your finished with the drill for now.#

take the drill bit off the drill,

then pry the block out.

Step 2: The Pryed Out Bits

you should have 2 bits like the ones in the pic.

never mind my piece that looks like a child got hold of it and scribbled over it ","

Step 3: Glue Time

now after finding where you want to position the smaller of the 2.

once found glue them .

then clamp them until they bond","

Step 4: Bonding

once the 2 have bonded nicely.

find the drill brad point that you want to use .

obviously not to big,or you will end up with a deranged piece

Step 5: Drilling Once Again

now you have your chosen drill bit.

start drilling holes say every 1 to 2 cm apart.

do this all the way round then start on the top. ","

Step 6: Wala ,

now you can start putting your bits onto your tower.

and once its filled you can add more tiers .

and that is that .

hope you all have a great day and best wishes to you all.


Step 7: