Introduction: Drink Water Reminder

I believe most of the people don't like to drink water, they prefer soft drinks, coffee, or other sugary drinks. Actually drink about 2 liters of water a day is good to your body, so why don't you try! This instructable is here to help you as a reminder to drink water. The timer is set for 30 minutes, when the time is up, the flagstaff is up, and it will automatically switch your computer screen to remind you to drink water.

For this project, there are a few steps you are going to follow:

1: Setting up the circuit

2: Upload code

3: Upload your code and decorate it

* When writing your own code, don't afraid, I will have annotation beside to help you.

Step 1: Materials

- Arduino Leonardo x1 (in this project, only Leonardo is allowed)
- Laptop x1 - USB caple x1

- Servo Motor x1

- Solid core jumper wires

- Pencil (for hanging the flag)

- Paper (for writing "Drink Water" )

Step 2: Setting Up the Circuit

Connect the servo motor to the Arduino board within six solid core jumper wires. Counting from left to right, the order are negative charge, positive charge, and D pin, as shown in the graph.

Another part is the keyboard command. In this, you only need one solid core jumper wires, connected GND to pin 10.

Step 3: Upload the Code

Copy the code from

I have added a description beside to help you from doing your project.

You can change the setting time for drinking water, you can also change the angle of the servo motor.

Step 4: Upload the Code and Decorate

Plug the USB cable to the Arduino board and your computer, then upload your code. After you can decorate your Arduino with any box you like.