Introduction: Drinking Game Table

Today I will show you my drinking game table I created for my upcoming birthday. For sure I'm not the first one who did this and this might not even be the best one, but anyways: here we go..

Step 1: Materials

You don't need that many things to create this game. What you need is:

  • a table (mine is an old one from Ikea, 78cm*78cm)
  • a long ruler (I used my level)
  • something to make square angles (e.g. a triangle ruler or a speed square)
  • at least two different colors (I used a black and a red sharpie)

If you want to:

  • a pencil to pre-draw everything
  • (some transparent foil two cover the writing)

And the most important thing: time.

Step 2: Choosing Your Layout and Tasks on the Fields

Now you have to choose a layout you like. I chose the "L"-shaped one, because my table is 78cm*78cm and I thought it would be best to have some free space to place drinks and other stuff.

In my case I chose an border of 4cm around the whole game and made the fields 7cm*7cm big. In this way it was possible to put 10 fields on the outmost borders of the game.

All in all I made 40 fields excluding start and finish and chose tasks for every single one.

Here comes a list of my tasks because they are in German on the photos:

1. everyone drinks

2. you and your seat neighbours drink

3. roll the dice again or drink

4. all women drink

5. choose someone who drinks

6. all men drink

7. make a new rule

8. category

9. everyone rolls a dice and drinks the number of dice eyes

10. kiss someone or drink three

11. move on three fields and drink one

12. everyone sings a song, who does not sing along drinks

13. short break

14. the first and last one drink

15. everyone who has a sister drinks

16. choose someone who drinks

17. the next one who uses his smartphone has to drink five

18. choose someone who has to drink with you all the time

19. everyone with glasses or contacts drinks

20. everyone without siblings drinks

21. one round „never have I ever…“

22. make a new rule

23. short break

24. move on three fields

25. rock-paper-scissors-duel. looser drinks.

26. those with an even age drink

27. undress one piece of clothing or drink six

28. category

29. everyone drinks

30. everyone without glasses or contacts drinks

31. everyone who has a brother drinks

32. all women drink

33. short break

34. all men drink

35. roll a dice: even number, you drink; uneven number, everyone else drinks

36. those with an uneven age drink

37. make a new rule

38. you drink

39. everyone drinks

40. move back to start, everyone else drinks out of pity

Step 3: Creating the Outlines

Now you start creating the outlines. Try to make them parallel to the edges of the table and right-angled.

I chose two different colors for the different outlines so you can always see, where the "path" is.

Step 4: Fill in the Tasks

Now I wrote all the tasks and matching numbers in the fields.

Step 5: Cover the Whole Thing in Foil

Because I was afraid, that spilled alcohol might make the font vanish, I got some self-adhesive transparent foil and got a friend to help me put it on without air bubbles.

I hope you like the instructable. Feel free to comment :)