Introduction: Driving an LCD With I2C Module

In this tutorial we will see how an LCD screen works and how to use it more easily with the I2C module

Step 1: What Do We Need:

- Arduino Uno (Avalible here)

- Des Jumpers (Avalible here)

- Un écran LCD pour Arduino (Avalible here)

- Un module I2C (Avalible here)

Step 2: What Is an LCD Screen ?

An LCD (liquid crystal display) is a device that can display characters while consuming a lot of electricity is why it is found in several electronic project

Step 3: What Is I2C Module

The I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) is a computer bus Designed by Philips for home automation and home electronics applications, it makes it easy to connect a microprocessor and different circuits by reducing the number of lines required to only two lines, SDA (Serial DAta), and SCL (Serial CLock).

Step 4: How It Works

You have to know that we are going to Display the characters in the LCD as if it were a table each box of the table represents a space to display a character in the screen (See diagram below)

Step 5: The Diagram

For the assembly nothing more simple:

you can solder the I2C module and the LCD screen like this

Step 6: And Now the The I2C-Arduino Link

note that the A5 PIN also represents the SCL pin and the A4 pin represents the SDA pin

Step 7: And Finally the Code


Step 8: Enjoy ^^