Introduction: Drone Camera Filter (350 QX3 AP Combo/ Cgo2)

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Every photographer knows the secret behind getting higher contrast and rich colors.

For all of you who don't the secret is filters.

To break it down, Basically a filter is sunglasses for a camera.

Step 1: Getting Started

Start with some cheap sunglasses, paper, a wrighting utensil, and your CGO2-GB camera.

Step 2: Pop and Trace

Pop the front cover off your camera.

Press the front cover into the paper to make a mark.

Step 3: Cut and Fit

Cut along the line from previous step.

Make sure fit is snug in the camera grooves.

Step 4: Pop Cut Fit

Pop out the lens to your sunglasses.

Place tour template over the glasses and tape down.

Cut slowly and a bit larger than the template it's self.

Fit and make adjustments by trimming material as needed.

Filter should be snug in the ridge which will reduce vibration.

Step 5: Hook and Loop Tape

Cut hook and loop tape (Velcro) to fit the filter.

Set it aside for now.

Step 6: Heat and Bend

The filter needs to sit flush. With the hook and loop tape there will be a gap where light can get in.

To solve this I used a soldering iron to heat just the part I wanted to bend.

I made a small Z bend to accommodate both the hook and loop tape when stuck together.

Step 7: E6000

Grab your E6000 and glue the soft side of the hook and loop tape to the filter. Considering the filter will be removed or replaced on ocasion I didn't want the scratchy hook side to pick up debris if I set it aside in low light to film. Therefore I left that side on the camera.

Step 8: Installation

Simply align the filter in the groove and press the hook and loop tape together.

That's it your done!

You can see the difference it makes as you look threw the filter.