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When I was making my Drone Rainbow Drop Instructable, ,

I got a simple Idea to tie ribbons to the drone landing gear and make a drone flying rainbow.

Step 1: Warning

Adding anything to your drone will cause it to behave differently. I found out the first time I flew the drone with the six feet long streamers. I had to dodge the drone to keep from being hit. Also the streamers can get tangled in the props and cause the drone to drop out of the sky. You probably do not want to try this with an expensive drone. You have been warned.

Step 2: Materials Needed

All you need is a drone and eight strands of colorful ribbon.

The drone I used was a Syma X5SC but there are many drones that
can be had for between $20 to $60.

There are more expensive drones but you could run the risk of crashing your drone.

The only tool you need is a pair of scissors (I used the scissors on a small Swiss army Knife).
The ribbons are the ones used for decorating wrapped presents.

Step 3: Cut the Strands

The first test used three feet of ribbon, but the final version used eight, six feet long pieces of ribbon. The six feet long pieces looked much better, in the sky, than the three feet ribbon. I was going to try longer ribbons but I was happy with the six feet and was afraid that much longer would be too much drag on the drone.

Step 4: Tie on the Ribbons

I used a simple overhand knot to tie two ribbons to each of the four landing gear. Make sure the ribbons hang down and do not come close to the props.

Step 5: Have Fun Flying Your Rainbow Drone

Have fun flying your rainbow drone. Keep in mind that the added drag created by the ribbons will effect how your drone flies.

Step 6: Video

As usual, I made a video.

Thanks for watching and enjoy.

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