Introduction: Dropper Seat Post Inner Tube Protector.

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Easy to make a protector for winter riding


Old innertube

Puncture repair kit

Popper clips, eBay search - Snaps Snap Starter Plastic Poppers Fasteners 1 Pliers

Measuring tape

Step 1: Measure, Clean and Cut.

The protector clips onto the seat rails at the top and at the bottom it either pops onto the seat post or if there is no space onto the seat tube.

Measure the distance between the rails and where it's going to pop on at the bottom, then ADD TWO INCHES.

Cut the tube to the correct length then cut it down the centre, follow a line on the tube then clean the powder off and let the tube dry.

I used a 27.5 x 2.1/2.35 tube and that fitted fine, the tubes stretch easily so if it's a little tight don't worry.

Step 2: Glue and Poppers!

For this part, you will need the glue and sandpaper from the puncture repair kit, a clamp and the popper kit.

Use the sandpaper to roughen the inside of the tube 2 inches at either end then cover in glue, let the glue dry a little then fold each end over one inch and if you have a clamp use that otherwise hold it tight between something for a minute or 2.

While you're letting the glue set lookout 3 male and 3 female poppers. The popper plier kit will come with a stabby tool for fitting the poppers, just make sure you've looked at where the poppers are going so they match up.

You'll need 2 sets at the top for the rails and 1 at the bottom for the seat post.

Step 3: The End

That's it, fit the thing and ride your bike.

You're welcome! If you make one please comment with a photo.