Introduction: Drum

When you tap the drum, the drum sound will start to come out from the computer. otherwise, you can choose any type of music from the garage band, it can be piano or any beat that you want. The design purpose is to let the younger children practice the drum or explore their music territory at the age of 3 to 4. It has 3 drums, with a different type of beat, so the children can be practice 3 types of drums at the same time.

Step 1: The Materials That You Will Need

-one Arduino Uno

-electric resistance

-led light*2

-paper clip *3

-Dupont line female and male*3

-aluminum foil with 3 same pieces(15mm*12mm)

-3 little box


-scissor(to cut the foil)

-rubber band

Step 2:

step 1-download hairless and capacitive searing library

step 2: Put arduimidi library and capacity sewer library into the"libraries" folder under the Arduino folder.

step3: prepare the materials

put the aluminum foil, two Dupont line with tape together and paper clip together

on the surface of the drum, because mental can be caused the mental to be conductive. Eventually, if you tap the drum, the static electricity on the hand will cause the garbage band to release sounds.

step5: connect the Arduino to laptop

step6: copy-paste the code to Arduino

step7: if you were mac remember to set the Arduino snd MIPI to let IAC potion on

step 8: run the program hairless

MIDI input: USB Arduino

MIDI output: IAC

step9: turn on the garage band or music program to test

Step 3: Video of the Drum

Step 4: The Drum!!