Introduction: Traffic Light on the Cross Road

purpose let the children learn how to cross the road!

-imitated the traffic light on the crossroad, there's 4 traffic light on each section and two pairs of the opposite traffic lights will shine the exact same time with the same color

-use the toy car to represent the real car when the green light starts than the car can go, when the red light starts then the car can't go.

-Normally, the yellow light started to flash 1 second on each pair together and change to another Paris. but When you pressed the bottom, one Pair of traffic light will flashes for 5 seconds, after it shines for 5 seconds, the red light will turn to be yellow light and the yellow light turns on.

Step 1: Material You Will Need

-you need 4 traffic light it's definitely needed for the crossroad

-a box for putting Arduino board

-4 straws

-long Dupont line*16

-a button

Step 2: The Result

-separate the 14 Dupont lines and separate them into 4 groups and put them into the staws

-connect the point lines on the Arduino board

-4 lines have to connect with the traffic light then the traffic light will shine

Step 3: Citation: