Introduction: The Mandalorian Escape Room

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Looking for a fun and engaging social distant activity? Build engagements remotely with this fun activity.

An escape room doesn't need a room but a series of puzzles to solve. Even a cardboard box can hold surprises.

We made an escape room kit with a hidden compartment for prizes. We did this at our Cub Scout Zoom Pack meeting. Over two dozen scouts participated. None of them found the prizes early, you have to solve to get the award.

Low cost and simple to make. Boxes are free at the post office, you provide the time, and Beskar if you have it.

Check out how we made the Beskar Swatch here.


  1. Assemble the Armor for the Chain Code
  2. Decrypt the Codex
  3. Find the Way on the Star Map

Solutions at the end.


Free at any US Post Office or online

- Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box (3 boxes needed for every 2 kits)

- Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box (1 Box for needed for 12 kits)

- Utility Knife

- Glue sticks

- Stapler

- Tape

- Print Outs

Step 1: Boxes

At least 2 Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Boxes are needed to make a kit. Use the second box to cut out the 'fake' bottom panels with a utility knife.You will need 1 panel per kit.

Cut the Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box along the seams to get 12 rectangles. These will be the backing for the "Chain Code" and "Codex" printouts.

Step 2: Print Outs - Chain Code and Codex

The printouts for 'Chain Code' and 'Codex' differ in amounts. Print single sided in landscape orientation. Fold the sheet in half and cut into two columns.

The Chain Code is two different pages, Armor and Decoder. Paste eachto one side of the cardboard panels. Align the Armor side with the Chain Code to the corner and top of the cardboard. These should align correctly when you cut.

The Codex is two different pages, code side and decorative side. Follow same instructions as above.

(You can fit 5 items on a panel but this will be more work than it is worth. It is better to dispose of the scrap cardboard)

*Be generous with glue sticks to make the paper stick.

Cut along the lines of the Chain Code to make 4 per panel. Cut between the Codex to make 3 per panel.

Step 3: Cut the Chain Code

Depending on your age group do not make cuts too complicated. They still need to flip it to get to the decoder. The puzzle is the easy part.

Step 4: Print Out - Star Map

The printout "Star Map" needs to print double sided, flip on the short end, and landscape orientation.

Fold the "Star Map" back with the edge along 3rd right column as shown. This will make a square map.

Use the Glue stick on the back to seal the map fold. Glue sticks are enough to hold the fold and will not rip the paper when you open it.

(This fold is the first surprise. It covers the secret message behind the map.)

Step 5: Assemble the Box

Staple to bind the corners of the Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box together. A stapler is preferred over glue so kids can take the box apart easily. Also, a staple binds instantly versus waiting for glue to dry.

Prizes need to be fairly flat and small to be hidden under the compartment. Once your box is put together, tape your awards to the bottom so they don't move under the panel.

Make sure to orient the inner text with the text of the box.Use rolled tape on the corners of the box to secure the "fake" panel. Press the "fake" panel inside the box. The inner tabs of the box will lock the panel in.

*For thicker items, belt loops and Webelo pins, place the items in the corner. The corner will be higher but you won't see a bulge.

DO NOT SEAL the box with the included seal tape to close it. When you open, it will only tear and ruin the surprise.

The fake panel is very sturdy. The kids couldn't find the fake panel even when they were looking for it.

Items in the box:

  1. Chain Code - Armor with decoder on the back
  2. Codex
  3. Star Map
  4. *Add what ever else you'd like (pencil, notes, marker, other gifts)

Step 6: Escape Room Puzzles - (Solutions)

1. Assemble the Armor - to get the Chain Code

2. Use the Code to decipher the codex (Follow the A)

3. "Find the Way" with the star map - (Arrow points to the "X") (Clue "light," Hold to the Light)

(Behind the Map "Find Your Awards Under the Box")

(Lift fake bottom for the awards)

Step 7: Zoom Escape Room

To make a Zoom more eventful, conduct the escape room together and have "guests." "Baby Yoda" made an appearance and "The Mandalorian" joined our zoom without video but talked to the kids.

Use this soundboard for live quotes.

We did this for over two dozen scouts to get their awards in a remote environment. None of the kids accidentally found the awards. You need to pull the tabs apart to find them.

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