Introduction: Dual TDA2030A 2.0 AC/DC Power Amplifier

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This is the Dual TDA2030A 2.0 AC/DC Power Amplifier DIY kit I Purchased off of eBay. The assembly was quick and easy. The instruction were simple enough and showed plainly the location of the components.

Step 1: About the Dual TDA2030A 2.0 AC/DC Power Amplifier Kit

The input voltage can be either AC9-15V or DC9-15V and the output is claimed to be 15 watts per channel. After I assembled the kit I tested it with a 7.5 volt 200mAH AC/AC adapter and it sounded fine. Of course if you use AC the polarity to the power block is not an issue but if using DC it is so I have marked the terminals accordingly. I do plan on getting the correct power supply before I set it up in an enclosure for permanent use. Also, be sure you have the screw terminal blocks turned outward when you solder them on. In the photos on eBay that showed the completed project there were many obvious mistakes made in the assembly, one of which were the power terminal block connections were facing in where you would never be able to apply power. Also they had some of the diodes facing the wrong direction. But nowhere does the literature tell you which connections are for the speakers or audio input. You can study the traces on the PCB to figure it out but I hope my labeled picture might save you the trouble. For the price it does a pretty good job of powering a pair of speakers. My plans are to use this on one of my old televisions to take the stereo audio away from the internal TV speakers (which rattle the TV's case when the action in the Iron Man movies gets going) to external speakers. I found a nice pair of Kenwood book shelf speakers at my local Goodwill for $10.