Introduction: Ducati Monster Motorcycle Miniature

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Ducati Monster motorcycle is a phenomenon. It is a bike with more muscular and robust than other brands of bikes. Ducati was designed by Miguel Angel Galluzzi and produced in Italy since 1993. For knowing the whole history of Ducati Monster, please click here and if you would like to know further about the specification of the bike, click here.

Because being inspired with the most beautiful bike in the world, I finally tried to do a creative and unique project, which was creating a miniature of the bike out of old magazine paper.

So, do not throw away your old magazine. Create something awesome of it and be proud.


Lots of Magazine Papers



Elmer Glue

Hot Glue

Skewer Stick


Vitamin bottle, with diameter of 4 cm, for rolling of magazine papers

Step 1: Preparation of Magazine Papers

Cut the magazine paper with the width of 10 cm. With the help of skewer stick, roll it diagonally. Make as many as possible. Do not roll to tight. It will very difficult to cut it later. I rolled it too tight at first and made me hard to cut it. At the end of rolling, put some glue on it. See my video on how to roll the magazine papers.

Step 2: Making Tires for the Wheels

Grab two rolled-magazine papers. Glue them together. Flatten them with the help of vitamin bottle. Repeat it until you get 6 rotations for one wheel. Do it again for second wheel. I made the tires of wheel with a diameter of 6 cm.

Step 3: Making Spoke of the Wheels

Cut the rolled-magazine paper into 3 pieces, one with the size of 5 cm and the other two 2 cm. These 3 pieces are for the spokes. Glue the 5 cm piece into the wheel in the middle, so it becomes the diameter of the wheel. And for the rest, glue them perpendicularly to first one (the one with 5 cm size). The result of the spoke will be cross-shaped.

Step 4: Making Disc Brake

Again, flatten some rolled-magazine papers. Take a pencil. With the help of pencil, roll them one by one. I made the disc brake with 5 rotations or diameter of 2.5 cm. Repeat this action until you have 4 disc brakes, because each wheel has 2 disc brakes.

Step 5: Finishing the Wheels

Glue the disc brakes one by one on the spoke, one for the right and one for the left. Do it for the second wheel.

Step 6: Front Fender

Make a fender for front wheel. Take two rolled-magazine papers. Glue them together and flatten them. Cut into 7 cm and 8 cm. Glue them in a cross-shaped form. Set aside.

Step 7: Making the Forks

Cut the rolled-magazine paper with the size of 9 cm. Make it 2 pieces. The forks are glued in the front wheel. One for each side. Get the front fender and glue it to the wheel. (see the picture). Also cut 2 pieces of roll-magazine paper with the size of 2 cm each. Attach them to the forks with the distance of 2.5 cm between them (see the picture)

Step 8: For Steering

Cut the rolled-magazine paper with the size of 16 cm. Fold it as shown in the picture. Glue it to the forks.

Step 9: Building the Frame

The most important when making this project is creating the main frame of motorcycle. Do it carefully. Before making it, draw a sketch for the frame on a paper. Please follow the image for making the frame. It is pretty hard to explain it in words. See the picture carefully. I already mentioned all the measurements and how and where to glue them. All the measurements are in centimeter. Assemble all the parts and you are finished in creating the frame. Next, attach the Rear Wheel.

Step 10: Exhaust

Pick 2 rolled-magazine papers, one is small and the other bigger than the first one. Cut them into 6 cm each. Glue them together. Attach to the motorcycle in the rear right side (See picture)

Step 11: Rearview Mirror

Flatten the rolled-magazine paper. Roll it, but make the diameter small. Mine is 1.5 cm. Also, cut rolled-magazine paper into 4.5 cm and make it 2 pieces. Glue the mirror with the handle.

Step 12: Fuel Tank

Flatten 6 rolled-magazine papers, glue them on a paper. Make a rectangle of 4 x 15 cm. Glue them around the frame. Print word of Ducati Monster twice. (it is optional) Glue it on each side.

Step 13: Seat

Flatten 2 rolled-magazine papers and fold them. Make sure the size of the seat should match with the frame. Glue them on the motorcycle.

Step 14: Headlight

Flatten and roll again the paper. Make the diameter small about 2 cm. Glue it on the front of motorcycle.

Step 15: Number/License Plate Holder

Take one rolled-magazine paper. Cut it into 2.5 cm. Make it 3 pieces. Glue them together and glue at the back of motorcycle (near the seat)

Step 16: Back Stand

Grab some rolled-magazine papers. Cut them into 6 cm and make it 2 pieces. Also, cut another into 4 cm, and make it 3 pieces. Glue all one by one as shown in the picture.

Step 17: Result

Here is the result of the miniature of Ducati Monster Motorcycle.

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